Practical information

About being a member of AKF

Being a member of AKF entails musical experiences, responsibility and some obligations.

As a university choir, AKF has some assignments for the University of Oslo, such as singing at ceremonies at the beginning of the academic year and at doctoral conferral ceremonies. It is important that the members of the choir participate in these assignments.

The choir also arranges large concerts, often with an orchestra, several times a year, as well as a capella concerts. More information about the choir and our repertoire can be found at about us.

For this to be possible, as a member you need to attend rehearsals and learn the material that we are working on. It is important that you let your voice leader know if you cannot attend a rehearsal due to sickness or other neccessary absence.

Singing in AKF also involves contributing and taking on tasks during concerts, tours, social activities etc. We aim for everyone in the choir to contribute an equal amount.

The well-being of everyone in the choir is a responsibility for all. We ask you all to be including and conciderate with your fellow choir members.

We hope that you will enjoy AKF both musically and socially!

Rehearsals and attendance

The choir rehearses every Tuesday from 6.30 pm to 9 pm in "Festsalen" at Oslo katedralskole (Oslo cathedral school). We often hold an extra rehearsal before concerts as well as preparation on the day of the concerts.

You must count on practicing at home to be well prepared for rehearsals. You can for instance use for this.

Attendance is mandatory. If you are sick or have other neccessary absence, you need to notify the choir about this either through the event in Spond or directly to your voice leader. It is especially important that you attend the two last rehearsals before concerts. If you are absent during one of these rehearsals you need to contact the conductor who will decide whether or not you can sing during the concert.

If you cannot attend a concert you need to let your voice leader know as early as possible.

Voice leader

Each voice group (soprano, alto, tenor and bass) has its own voice leader. The voice leader is the group's contact person. This person can help you out if you have questions regarding the choir.

The voice leader is also the binding link between the members of the choir and the conductor/board.


Sheet music

Sheet music is handed out during rehearsals and the cost for this is covered by the membership fee that you have to pay every semester. Remember to always bring your sheet music to rehearsals and concerts.

"Lefsa" is a separate booklet that each member must have. This will be handed out to new members. It contains different songs that make up some of the choir's standard repertoire.

The sheet music must always be in a black folder/cover during performances.

Membership fee

Updated rates can be found at join the choir. The fee is payed twice a year.


General information about concerts

There will be some extra rehearsals before a concert.

If you cannot attend a concert you need to let your voice leader know as early as possible.

All choir members needs to contribute with selling tickets before each concert. This is because it is much more inspiring singing for a larger audience, and because ticket sales are necessary to cover the expenses for arranging concerts.

We sometimes use choir stands for concerts, and the choir members must contribute with setting these up before the concert and taking them down after the concert.


Concert attire

The choir's official attire for concerts is black dresses in knee-length and covering the shoulders for women, and black suit with a white shirt and a black bow-tie for men. Black socks/stockings and black shoes.

During assignments for the university, the women wear black robes. These robes must be rented by the choir and it is each member's responsibility to handle the robe with care and return it when your membership ends.

The sheet music must always be in a black folder/cover during performances.

Regular assignments as one of the official university choirs

Opening of the academic year in August

In the middle of August is the official opening of the academic year in the University Square. The choir contributes with singers together with the other university choirs and the University Symphony Orchestra.

The University's annual party

Every fourth year we contribute at the ceremony at the University's annual party.

Doctoral conferral ceremonies

Once or twice a year we contribute at the doctoral conferral ceremonies in the University Aula.

17th of May

The 17th of May is Norway's constitutional day. As a part of the official program in Oslo, the choir contribute during the ceremony at Vår Frelsers Gravlund (a cemetery). Together with the choir at Oslo Cathedral School, Peblingene, we sing by the grave of Henrik Ibsen, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson and Henrik Wergeland. We also sing by the grave of the choir's first conductor, Thomas Beck.

After this we sing at Oslo Cathedral School, before we have breakfast together.

Tours, parties and seminars

Once a year we hold as seminar with an overnight stay at Sanner Hotel, Hadeland. This is usually in the middle of january, and during this seminar we rehearse for the next concert, visit local sights or get vocal training, as well as eat good food and have social activities.

Every november we hold an annual party.

Every fifth year we hold an anniversary party.

About every other year we travel abroad. You can read more about this under About us.

Positions and committees

We encourage all choir members to contribute actively in the choir. There are different committees that have responsibility for concerts, social activities, travels etc. The members for each committee are elected at the annual meeting.

Annual meeting

In March every year we hold an annual meeting where we go through the choir's accounts and budget, plans for the year and elections for different positions. The annual meeting is mandatory to attend for all members.