Would you like to sing major works with choir and orchestra?

Norsk versjon

It's a grand experience to take part in the performance of major works

When the timbre of the instruments matches the song
and the audience abandon themselves to the music.
When you feel joy in the beautiful music you are producing.

Do you want to experience this?

And also sing a broad spectrum of acapella repertoire?
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We especially welcome university students.

Make many good friends


The choir provides a good social environment. During rehearsal break we have time for a friendly chat and even cake. After rehearsal, several of us like to gather at a local waterhole for an even more giving chat.

Many friendships are made in the choir and continue beyond. Some have even married. Others travel halfway around the world together.

About every other year, the choir travels abroad, which is rewarding both musically and socially. Recent destinations include Caen, France (2013), Gotland, Sweden (2014), Kärrbackstrand, Sweden (2016), Vilnius, Lithuania (2017) and Brussels, Belgium (2018).

The choir holds an annual party in November with an anniversary celebration every 5th year. We celebrate ourselves properly.


We rehearse in Festsalen on the 3rd floor at Oslo Cathedral School every Tuesday between 18:30 – 21:00.


We give 8-10 performances/concerts every year, varying in size from a handful of songs at the University ceremonies to our own concerts with major works for choir and orchestra. We have 1-2 concerts abroad when we’re on tour.


Auditions take place at the end of one of our regular rehearsals. We invite you to join the rehearsal to let you get to know us.

Audition takes about 5-10 minutes and you will be asked to
- sing some notes up/down to determine your voice-range
- repeat intervals to check your musical memory
- sing a song or a verse/choir-part of your own choice

Nervousness is common and nothing to worry about. The conductor hears through it and it’s not crucial for the result.

The aim of the audition is for the conductor to hear the range and color of your voice and determine if it fits with the choir. Your musical background is relevant as some singing and music experience is necessary.

Acceptance of you as a choir member in Akademisk Korforening is dependent on the result of the audition and upon vacancy in your voice group.

About us

AKF is the official mixed choir of Oslo University. One of our main activities is to perform classical works for choir and orchestra such as Mozart’s Requiem, Brahms’ Requiem and Bach’s b-minor mass and Christmas Oratorio. The choir also has a wide a capella repertoire and we put emphasis on flexibility and variation in vocal technique.

Akademisk Korforening is a large choir with high musical ambitions and a lively social environment. We are always interested in new singers from all voice groups.

The choir has an upper age limit of 55 years. We make exceptions for skilled singers with previous experience.

Would you like to join the Akademisk Korforening?

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